Rare wine and gourmet cheese gift basket (Featuring Gaja)


Rare wine and gourmet cheese gift basket (Featuring Gaja)
Featuring world renowned and award winning winemaker Angelo Gaja, his Barbaresco and Barolo from our exclusive vintners selection wine club plus Parmigiano Reggiano, Aurecchio Provolone, Ubriacone, and Blue di Bufala cheeses, Italian crackers, mixed marinated olives, Sopressatta, Baci chocolates, Gianduia and hard Italian candies.

This is an exclusive wine and cheese gift basket specifically designed for an individual with an acute appreciation for pairing fine Italian wine and food. Angelo Gaja is a world renown wine maker and his wines are widely considered some of the very best wines available anywhere. This Exclusive Italian wine gift (rare wine) is packaged and decorated in a two bottle collectable pine wine crate. Each gourmet gift basket includes an exclusive original recipe and surprise mystery ingredient (Hint: one month it included Balsamic vinegar that was super thick, thus showing it had some real age to it, that is poured out so slow it almost seemed to be in slow motion, it was thick and rich and sweet and slightly smoky, an absolute treat), with complete instruction and tips so that you too can try your hand at being a top flight chef (you never know we may choose you to do a guest chef appearance, video or commercial). Be sure to send in your videos showing us your recipe and cooking skills.

A recent customer is quoted as stating "this is an extremely impressive gourmet basket, my client absolutely loved it, and cant stop calling me thanking me for it"  Thank you Wine Italiano, from Anthony G, longtime customer.
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