2001 Flaccianello della Pieve


Award winning Italian wine from Tuscany, Italy. Tre Bicchieri 3 glass winner, and acclaimed by many award winning as well as celebrity chefs. With an absolutely alluring reddish color, aromas including ripe red berries, forest, leather, and vegetation; flavors are harmonious with the nose. A well balanced wine with full body, and a long lip smacking tannin rich finish. Truly a must try and well worth its price it actually is a value at this level. Not your typical super blend or California clone. Simply unique and enticingly delicious. This Italian red from Tuscany can certainly stand up to the finest chef creations extraordinaire as well as stand on its own two feet.

  • Size: 750

  • Aging: Aged in brand new barrels for minimum of 18 months. Fontodi uses new barrels (Troncais & Allier) made from the finest wood (oak) in the world, from the ancient Troncais forest (France).

  • Website: www.fontodi.com

  • Model: 607531181613
  • Manufactured by: Tenuta Fontodi

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